Bethel Woods Center for the Arts

Taking my second trip to Bethel Woods Center for the Arts was just as exciting as the first trip I took last summer. This time around, I purchased my ticket for a seat in the Pavilion for the: Rod Stewart & Cyndi Lauper Concert.

While waiting to see two of the most iconic musicians of my generation, I felt like a kid again. I was humming their songs the whole drive up to Bethel Woods. Walking on the grounds of the Historic 1969 Woodstock Festival, I was elated to see that in, February 2017, the site had been placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Such an exciting time for Bethel Woods and the Woodstock Festival Site and Music History! 

Arriving at Bethel Woods Center

During this visit, I entered through the West Shore Road Entrance and was able to see The “Woodstock Festival Field” from the road. It was great to see people walking towards the area and being mesmerized by the field itself. I’m sure they envisioned what it must have been like on that August day back in 1969 when hundreds of thousands of people arrived to celebrate music and, in turn, make Music History.

Entering Bethel Woods Center for the Arts

Walking onto the property that houses the Museum, Box Office and Gift Shop is like stepping back in time. During my last visit, I had more time and I visited the Museum. This time, since I was in traffic for some time, I was only able to briefly walk around and grab a bite to eat at their onsite cafe before the concert started.  The Grounds and the building are beautiful!


Exhibits Changed at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts

Although I didn’t visit the museum this time, I was happy to see that they had changed the downstairs exhibit area near the bathrooms. This year instead of photographs featuring the musical acts that had performed at Bethel Woods Pavilion each summer, it now displays the musical acts from the 1969 Woodstock Festival. It featured each musical act, their bio and a list of their greatest hits. 


Lining the walls are the pictures and information from the 1969 Woodstock Festival musical acts including:

  • Jefferson Airplane
  • Crosby, Stills & Nash
  • Santana
  • Sly & the Family Stone
  • Joan Baez
  • The Grateful Dead
  • Creedance Clearwater Revival
  • and many, many more….

The Pavilion at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts

While looking into purchasing tickets for their concerts, there are two choices available: Pavilion Seating (Several Price Options) and Lawn Seating (General Admission Fee). Last year I attended two concerts, one with Pavilion Seats and the other with Lawn Seats. Each was great for the concert that I attended. Below are some pictures of the grounds and where the Lawn seats are located in relation to the Pavilion and the Stage.

Below are some pictures of the grounds and where the Lawn seats are located in relation to the Pavilion and the Stage.

A few things to know before visiting Bethel Woods Center for the Arts:

  • The concerts are events that take place either rain or shine
  • Parking is free, but there is Premium Parking available for a fee (must be purchased at time of concert ticket)
  • Traffic can be very heavy, so allow sufficient time for travel
  • There are some dining options near the venue and a limited number of options on site
  • Tailgating is allowed before the concert

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Do you know of any other outdoor music venues that offer such an amazing musical and historical experience?

Until the Next Adventure…


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