Are you looking for iPhone Photography accessories/gadgets to put on your Amazon Wish List or that would be perfect to give as gift(s) to others? These 6 iPhone Photography Accessories will make you and /or your loved one feel and look like a pro while taking photographs.

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Do you know that the majority of people take more photos on their iPhones than with any other camera they have EVER owned? These days the convenience of having your camera as part of your phone makes taking photos so much easier.

I love my iPhone! 😍 And something I love just as much are the iPhone photography accessories that I can't live without.

iPhone Photography Accessories are all the rage now and crucial for a successful iPhoneographer.

The iPhone

The iPhone becomes a powerful camera when you add the right iPhone photography accessories.
iPhone 7 Plus

With each new version of the iPhone that get released, the camera  on it gets better and better.

Funny story: I purchased my iPhone 7+ only because of the camera and the 'Portrait' function of the camera. 🤣

I know, I know.. I'm a sucker for a new phone feature. As I'm sure many others are.

I would never tell you to go out and get the latest iPhone Model to take photographs. Unless you're trying to win a major photography competition, my personal opinion is that you can get photos of amazing quality with any of the more recent iPhone models.

That being said, the photography gadgets that are listed below only work with the newer model of iPhone.

Essential iPhone Photography Accessories

Olloclip Lens Set 

iPhone Photography Accessories take your photos from just okay to extraordinary
OlloClip Lens Set | Click Photo to Purchase on Amazon

The Olloclip is one of my favorite lens set. I had another set previous to this set and the lenses were clipped on differently, which caused the clip to break after several uses.

So when looking for another lens set, I came across the Olloclip and was intrigued by the way the lens clipped on. I especially love the way you can place a lens on the back for the rear camera and one for the front camera too.

The ease of clipping and interchanging the lenses is a priority for many people and their iPhone photography journey. Also the clips are easy to transport. With three lenses included in the set (Fisheye, Super wide, and Macro) this is more than enough for the everyday iPhone photographers.

Having iPhone Photography Accessories is the key to taking great photos, especially with the fisheye lens.
Olloclip with Fisheye lens | Click Photo to Purchase on Amazon

iPhone Mini-Tripod, Adjustable Camera Stand with wireless remote

This mini tripod is one of the iPhone Photography Accessories that I cannot live without. Perfect size and very versatile.
UBeesize Mini Tripod with wireless remote | Click Photo to Purchase on Amazon

This mini-tripod is my go-to tripod. It is versatile and allows to stand up on level surfaces, as well as, being able to bend and wrap around surfaces that are not necessarily as stable.

For example, you can place it on a large rock and also wrap it around a park bench in order to capture your favorite photographs.

As an added bonus, the tripod also comes with a wireless remote control for those moments when you're taking photos alone (like I do 90% of the time). This allows you to capture that next great moment and not miss it.

The mini tripod and Olloclip lens are essential iPhone photography accessories.
UBeeSize Mini Tripod & Olloclip Lens | Click Photo to Purchase on Amazon

iPhone 7/8 Plus Camera Case Cover with long strap by Black Lemon

Part of the iPhone Photography Accessories arsenal is a novelty camera phone case!
iPhone Novelty Camera Case | Click Photo to Purchase on Amazon

Okay, okay... This item may not be a 'must-have' item, per se, but it was something that will make any iPhone photographer smile.

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RavPower Power Bank

One important piece to add to your iPhone Photography Accessories is a power bank/portable charger.
RavPower Power Bank | Click Photo to Purchase on Amazon

This powerful portable charger is the king of chargers. With 3 ports to connect your phone, iPad and any other electric, you will never leave your home without this important device.

Lifeprint Printer

Do you want your photos to come to life? Then you need to add this printer to your iPhone Photography Accessories
Lifeprint Portable Photo & Video Printer | Click Photo to Purchase on Amazon

Bring your photographs to life with LifePrint Photo Printer. In the following video you can see how great this printer is and the magic it creates. I promise, you are going to be surprised by the things you can create with this portable printer.

Smove Mobile Smartphone Stabilizer

The Smove Mobile let's you take amazing video and is one of the best accessories to have in your iphone photography arsenal.
Smove Smartphone Stabilizer | Click Photo to Purchase from Website

The newest gadget to hit the market is the Smove Mobile Smartphone Stabilizer. If you haven't seen the videos from their Instagram ads, you are missing out. Its ability to take smooth iPhone video of yourself or someone else is amazing. This new gadget is making waves in the iPhone photo and video industries.

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Then read all about 7 of my favorite iPhone Photography Apps.

In Conclusion

No matter what level you are in your iPhone Photography journey, there is sure to be something that you will find that will improve your photography experience. Knowing what you need is the first step. Then, comes the process of learning how to use it and perfecting it.

What is your favorite iPhone gear, either Photography or other? 


Until the Next Adventure...


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