The Best thing you can do at the Hudson Valley Rail Trail WinterFest!

January 16

Have you ever attended an Event or Festival and wished that someone gave you some pointers before going? That’s how I felt the first time I went to the Hudson Valley Rail Trail WinterFest. And, you know what, this year I was better prepared and felt like a pro. The Hudson Valley Rail Trail WinterFest … Read More

Dutchess County Fair: Why Everyone Should Go to this Fair, At Least Once

August 27

As Summer rolls around, residents of the Hudson Valley begin to get excited about the the many Festivals and County Fairs that take place. Each county has its own County Fair on their Fairgrounds and there are also an array of smaller fairs that take place all around the Hudson Valley. We’ve visited many Fairs … Read More

Best Place to Live Out Music History

July 30

  Taking my second trip to Bethel Woods Center for the Arts was just as exciting as the first trip I took last summer. This time around, I purchased my ticket for a seat in the Pavilion for the: Rod Stewart & Cyndi Lauper Concert. While waiting to see two of the most iconic musicians … Read More