A Quick Guide of Dutchess County, NY

September 4

Did you know that Dutchess County is home to the Second most popular County Fair is New York State??? It’s true! It’s the Dutchess County Fair. And, let me tell you… It’s a pretty awesome Fair. In addition to their famous Summer fair, Dutchess County is also home to several unique places to visit. And … Read More

Bannerman Castle: A Treasure on the Hudson

June 29

Have you ever ridden on the Metro-North Hudson Line heading up to Poughkeepsie? Did you notice a beautiful castle on the Hudson between Breakneck Ridge and Beacon? It looks like a castle out of a fairy tale. If you have, then you’ve seen the majestic and monumental Bannerman Castle.I’ve looked longingly at Bannerman Castle from my … Read More

What is a Children’s Spring Tea? Why Should you go?

April 1

Did you know that there is an enchanting Children’s Spring Tea that takes place every year right here in the Hudson Valley? Would you believe me if I tell you that it is held in a historic location by the majestic Hudson River? Well, it’s true… Let me show you some highlights from the Annual … Read More

Dutchess County Fair: Why Everyone Should Go to this Fair, At Least Once

August 27

As Summer rolls around, residents of the Hudson Valley begin to get excited about the the many Festivals and County Fairs that take place. Each county has its own County Fair on their Fairgrounds and there are also an array of smaller fairs that take place all around the Hudson Valley. We’ve visited many Fairs … Read More